What our clients have said:

“I cannot say enough about the value Matt added throughout the buying process. Matt demonstrated outstanding interpersonal and follow-up skills, extreme professionalism and integrity. His own business ownership experiences, local contacts and advice proved extremely valuable. Through Matt’s guidance, we were able to assemble a professional ’A’ team and bring this business transaction to fruition in a low cost, effective manner.”

“I have very high expectations of myself and those that I work with, so it was an extreme pleasure to work with someone of Matt FitzGibbon’s caliber. You don’t find them often.”


“Matt brought important, highly professional and valuable information and more importantly, motivation….I am sending this email to put in writing a big THANK YOU and how much I appreciate your professionalism, conduct, and personality.”


“Ed, we cannot thank you enough for guiding us through what may be the single largest and most important, sale of our lifetime – the sale of our business. For your knowledgeable insights, dogged determination and patience with the contract, which was more than a year in the making, we are very grateful. Often, it was on your advice alone that we persisted, even when the obstacles seemed insurmountable. Working with you, we felt we had a powerful partner on our side of the table. Thanks for all of the hard work, creative problem solving, and hours of negotiation you put into making our dream come true.”


“On the advice of a friend, we decided to consult with Ed about the sale of our business to a public company. After meeting with him, we realized how much about this process we didn’t know. Ed’s insight about the sale process and creativity in structuring the sale so we could save $30,000.00 in taxes, enabled us to realize all of the sweat equity we’ve put into the business over the past seven years. Thank you, Ed, for helping us sell our business and make more money in the process.”


“I always hated dealing with lawyers, but dealing with Ed was different. He explained everything to us in understandable terms and didn’t look down on us. The formation of the Corporation and all of the paperwork we signed went smoothly and we appreciated all of the business advice. Thank you.”


“Matt is the greatest. He was really helpful and we really appreciated the effort he put in on our behalf.”


“Matt was professional, responsive, and respectful.”


“Matt is a well-rounded and intelligent agent”


Individual names and companies can be released upon request.

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